Almost, almost there…

Ok, so a lot has happened since the last time I posted so I figured I should share!

I have about a month before I leave for Staging (one day of training) in Miami, Florida… I recently booked my ticket and I leave early on the 14th of May!

Last weekend, I moved into a house with 3 of my friends and 4 animals! While it was a little stressful, it felt good to go ahead and get stuff organized for my departure. I am so grateful that I have such great friends that will let me crash in their house for a month before I leave them forever! I am also sooooo happy I get to spend some time with my besties before I go.
This is my last week at my job and I am so sad to be leaving my students and coworkers… However, I am glad that I will be taking some time to get prepared before I go because if not I would probably have a few more mental breakdowns than I was originally expecting…

I honestly can’t believe I will be leaving the country for 2 years in less than a month…

This is what I feel like when I look at calendars:


However, I still have a trip to the Grand Canyon with my family and 2 of my best friends are coming to visit me before I leave so hopefully I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the rest of my time in America with my family and friends.

I’ll keep you posted as more things happen!

Peace out,



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