Week 2/3!

OooooooK! So these past two weeks have been CRAZY! My idea of trying to post once a week during training might not actually pan out. I’ll keep trying to post often though!

So I have actually made notes so I can remember to write about everything that’s been happening here since it’s all passing by so quickly.

Training has been so intense it feels like I’m back in high school, there are so many assignments and presentations and it all seems like it’s happening at the same time. In the past week I had to give 4 different presentations and 3 of them were in Spanish! (no pressure) Wednesday we had 3 out of those 4 presentations so now you can understand why I haven’t been posting. Right now I’m kind of like…


But you know me, power through!

So highlights from the past two weeks!

I had/have been having some weird allergic reactions to stuff and at one point had a rash on my face… so my host mom decided that I had an allergy to the cold and put hot baby powder on my face and then proceeded to call me a mime all night… I definitely obliged and did some sweet acting moves…


Next, I got to hand wash my clothes (two weeks’ worth) on a concrete slab that hopefully I’ll take a picture of so I can show you what I’m talking about… needless to say… that took FOREVER and taught me to wear my clothes A LOT more before I wash them…


and/or do my laundry every week…


After my lovely laundry event, I then had to iron my clothes because it’s considered very rude to wear wrinkled clothes here… this honestly has been the first time in my life that I have ironed my t-shirts but you know, when in Ecuador!


Two weekends ago, I actually got my first experience “traveling” around Ecuador! We went 2 hours away (changing 3 buses) to go to the Middle of the World! I was on the Equator in Ecuador! It was really fun! My host Mom was out of town so my host Dad actually took me and 5 other volunteers there. I was so happy that he came with us because otherwise we would’ve gotten sooooooo lost! There was a HUGE tourist attraction/park and a line going down the middle of it with a tower and everything! Now I can say that I’ve stood on both hemispheres at the SAME TIME!

Jealous!? I know you are! 🙂

Since then we’ve been working really hard at the Training Center. Last week I gave a presentation about Values to a class of 10 years olds and this week I taught 2 groups of 12 year olds about theater and also about non-formal education (aka. GAMES!). Remember that this was all in Spanish… I know what you’re thinking… How did she do it!? Well, I just messed up, A LOT! AND it was a blast! I really learned a lot and had a ton of fun with the kids… Afterwards I was pretty much like:


This week we also had to give presentations for Peace Corps about a community we did research in, but that presentation was in English! It was also graded so hopefully I passed, otherwise I won’t be able to swear in as a Peace Corps volunteer in 8 weeks… If that happens, you’ll find me doing this:


Other than that I’ve been living large! I’m having so much fun, making friends, learning Spanish and learning about the culture here. I am so happy to be where I am! Couldn’t ask for more… Ok except, Whataburger… but, other than that, I’m GREAT!

If you would like to get my address here then I can try to send it to you or even try to post it somewhere on the blog if I can figure out how! 🙂

I hope to hear from all of you soon about you and yours!

Miss you all!

Peace out!


8 thoughts on “Week 2/3!

  1. i miss you very much,but I love hearing about your life.. Tell me about your housing and your family.
    Do you have any idea where you are going to live Love, Love , Mama

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