Alright Everyone!

As usual, so much has happened since the last time I wrote, but we’ll start with the most life altering!



I am going to be spending the next two years of my life in Celica, Ecuador! Celica is located in Loja province and I’m pretty much a couple hours away from Peru. I am in the mountains but I’m only a few hours away from the coastal region of El Oro. At first I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to be on the coast but I am so excited about the work I’ll be doing and also that I’m close to one of my friends from training so I’m pretty much like…


I am going to be the first volunteer in this site so I am going to be starting from scratch. This makes me feel a little like…


But every volunteer in Ecuador has a counterpart organization that they will work with and I’ll be working with The Red Cross so I’m sure I’ll get a lot of support from them so I also feel like…


On to other news…

Father’s day here WAS AMAZING! We celebrated at my host Dad’s parent’s house and they rented tables and chairs and had a Mariachi band called The Tequila Show come and play!!! FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! We danced like this…


And ate a mountain of food and then danced some more and then some people at the party played music and sang and then we came home and had our own celebration…

One of the customs here that I saw in action on Father’s day is that everyone shares one glass when drinking alcohol. Literally they will open a bottle of beer, which is bigger here than in America, and fill up a glass and hand it to a guest. The guest will drink the glass and they will move around to everyone in the party. At first I was kinda like…


But now I’m more like…


It’s really interesting, they did this with beer, rum and coke and even wine. Definitely different from the States.

Another difference that I wanted to talk about is the FOOD! Overall the food here is pretty normal, the only thing I’ve really noticed is that they eat rice at every meal and they stack their starches like CRAZY! I’ve literally had meals of rice, potatoes and bread! I’m not complaining, I love me some carbs! 🙂

They also eat a lot of plantains here and other more starchy types called verdes (translation: green) from the banana family, and yucca and as I mentioned before, rice, potatoes and bread.

As far as meat goes they eat a lot of chicken and pork and some beef.  Now, after living in China there is not much that I find CRAZY that people eat, they eat shrimp (sometimes with the casing still on) they eat fish with the bones still in it (classic China) they have soups with random organs in it (again, classic China) BUUUUUUT I did encounter something that I had never seen before in all of my travels…. A dish called Cuy (translation: GUINEA PIG!!!)…. It is served only for special occasions and the Ecuadorians LOVE IT… I got to eat it this week as a special surprise… For my host family of course I was like…


But in my head I was like…


In reality it was pretty good! It kinda tasted like dark chicken meat…

Well I think this is enough for now. Tomorrow we have to go on our tech trip which is basically going to the coast, interviewing a bunch of people, teaching  a bunch of classes and then giving a presentation when we get back about what we learned. We literally have to travel for 12 hours on a bus tomorrow…


But I’m going with an awesome group and we get to see the BEACH so in my mind it’s going to be more like this…


I put my address in one of the tabs at the top of the blog, hopefully you can find it! Let me know if you have any problems!

Thanks for reading and keeping in touch and follow my blog if you want to get emails every time I write a new one! 🙂

Peace Out!



One thought on “SIIIIIITTTTTTEEEEE!!!!

  1. Hey Chica, Loved reading about your awesome experiences. I know you will be making a difference while you are there. We miss you!

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