Epic Tech Trip!!!

Hello Again Everyone!

I’m trying to write a little earlier in the week this time since I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be a little CRAZY!

Next week we go for our site visits, which is basically a week-long visit to your site to check everything out and to get an idea of what your life is going to be like after training. I’m REALLY excited about meeting my counterpart and seeing where I’ll be for the next 2 YEARS!!!


However, I’m not so excited about the Peace Corps night travel policy that will make my trip 2 days instead of one…


…but you know, safety first and extra site seeing anyone? 🙂

Ok so last week was our Tech Trip aka. HEAVEN!!! After being in the mountains for the last month and a half we finally got to go and see the coast!


Tech trip basically consisted of us going to practice what we learned during training in a different environment. The culture on the coast is veeeeeeerrrrrry different from the culture of the sierra! While we were there we got to interview the local population and have lessons with the local children.

On the coast the children are kinda like this…


AND I LOOOOVE IT!!! I got to teach an entire class of 5 year olds for a couple hours, which was SO MUCH FUN!!! But afterwards I was….


I also got to help teach a class about tobacco to some elementary aged kids, which I did for a year and a half in the States but it was A LOT more challenging in Spanish! Still very fulfilling though and afterwards I was like…


More highlights of the trip…. WE GOT TO SEE DOLPHINS!!! WHAT!? YEP! DOLPHINS!!! We got to take a tour of the local mangroves and the dolphins just hang out all day eating fish! It was really cool… Every time one came out of the water the whole boat was like….


Also we ate the best empanadas EVER!!!

AAAAAAND on our last night in town two traditional dance troupes put on a HUGE performance and we were served Fanta AND cake!!! I repeat FANTA and CAKE!!! AAAAAANNNDDD we got to PARTICIPATE in one of the dances!!!!!



There were so many other awesome things that we did but I don’t want to make this a novel about Tech trip so I will just let you know that one of the places we went to also had a pirate ship… dreams do come true…


Not much has been happening since we’ve gotten back except that I feel like every lesson has been about all of the crazy things that can kill you (or at least ruin your day) on the coast… I’ve been pretty consistently going like this to my classmates…


Because I’m in the sierra! Which I wasn’t necessarily celebrating until this week…

I also had my first close encounter with an angry dog… they have taught us that the stray dogs are sometimes aggressive and dog bites are pretty common among volunteers. Usually if an aggressive dog is approaching you, throwing a rock or even pretending to pick up a rock and throw it usually does the trick… Today I was caught off guard by a dog I thought was sleeping so it was really close and barking and snapping at my ankles so I pretty much just starting yelling, flailing and pretending to kick the dog, which worked! I never knew how I would react in that situation but apparently I’ll react like this…


It was pretty empowering though, now I’m not so concerned about the aggressive dogs!

Ok I think this is probably WAY too long but there was so much interesting stuff to share…

I want to give a shout out to all of my AMAZING/AWESOME/WONDERFUL friends that have sent me care packages/letters! I know it’s expensive but please know that it is DEFINITELY appreciated and every time I get one I’m like…


Also MY FRIEND IS COMING TO VISIT ME FOR CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR’S!!!! Which is going to be the best time ever AND I won’t be alone for the holidays! If anyone wants to send some stuff with her instead of mailing expensive packages then I’m sure she wouldn’t mind bringing it! Just let me know!

Love you all and please keep in touch!

Peace Out!


4 thoughts on “Epic Tech Trip!!!

  1. Hey Courney, I love hearing about your experiences. I know you are doing an amazing job. Things around RRC are pretty normal. We are doing some fun things for the summer like shiffle ball, chef contest, etc. We miss you!

  2. I wish I was there. In Niamtogo a rabid dog rushed out into the street and about 50 men came rushing out and stoned him to death. Had zeus completely checked and the vet said he is perfect, better than him or me. We can expect him to live a few more years. I go to the eye Dr. Mon to see about my cataracts. I may be able to drive again at night. You are the best. Love, Love, Mama ET

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