Hello All,

I hope life has been great for all of you since the last time I wrote! This week was much busier than the first few weeks in site, so it was a nice change of pace and I have some fun things to report!

This past weekend there was a youth camp for all of the Red Cross youth in Loja province and since my counterpart agency is the Red Cross of Celica, I got to participate and help out!

I was really excited to get out of site again especially because Loja city has American food and I have been craving American food (or any food that isn’t Ecuadorian food, really) pretty much since I’ve gotten to Celica. It’s been bad, I’m pretty much constantly like …


I have realized that Italian food and McDonald’s are my version of Food-crack…  Also just thinking about a decent cup of coffee can keep me distracted for days… Not proud, just honest…


Since I got to participate in some of the workshops with the other Peace Corps volunteers I decided to leave a day early to help prepare…

Side Adventure: My bus had seat covers that said Firts class and then promptly broke down at the terminal, after we had been sitting on it for 40 minutes…  Not so firts class if you ask me!

So then I got to take the next bus that didn’t have any windows that would open so we were all pretty much like…


for 4 1/2 hours… It’s always an interesting time on the buses here… 🙂

But I did finally arrive safe and sound in Loja city and worked on projects and ate chili with current volunteers that have already been here a year! I got to hear some amazing stories and I learned that the chances of me saying this within the next two years are pretty high…

pooped pants

Well our first workshop was on Friday and the topic was Recycled Art! It went really well, it’s fascinating what Peace Corps volunteers can do with a little trash! We worked with magazines newspapers and tubes from damaged tires to make jewelry, wallets, vases etc. The kids were really creative and all of us facilitators were like…

teaching style

The next day we got to do a workshop on teenage pregnancy and all I could think of was…

sex ed

But of course our workshop was much better than that!

During the workshop I got to demonstrate the proper way to put on a condom! I was really surprised with how mature the kids were. I expected them to be like….

Ew (1)

But they were all pretty much like…


Later on in the evening we had a talent show and I got to really see some differences between American teenagers and Ecuadorian teenagers… I have never seen so many teenage boys so eager to take off their shirts and dance on a stage before, in my life! It happened multiple times and I’m pretty sure they felt like they looked like this….

magic mike

But really it was more like this…

dancing kids

Then one of the groups asked for a female adult to participate in their act… My youth were chanting my name but I refused to volunteer and I’m so glad I didn’t because they sat her in a chair and 3 of the teenage campers pretty much gave her a lap dance!

All of us volunteers were like….



And also we were like, if this was America….


But it was pretty funny since it wasn’t serious and you could see how embarrassed the counselor was the entire time.

Then after the talent show there was a camp dance and all of us volunteers made sure we danced in a circle so none of the teenage boys would try to dance with us one-on-one and make us feel like…


And I made sure to dance like this…

ace ventura

Because that’s obviously, the best way to dance…

So all in all, camp was an awesome experience, I learned a lot and got to spend some quality time with my youth and other volunteers… And I also got my American food fix…

what im talking about

AND Next weekend I’m traveling to another big city with a few other volunteers for my personal days and every time I think about it I’m like…

excited girl

So I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to tell you after that adventure!

I hope everything is great in your part of the world! I hope to hear from everyone soon! Apparently I’ve received my first letter so I’ll make sure to let everyone know if it was from America or Peace Corps so we can know if my address works!

Until next time!

Peace out!


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