Month 1 Done!

Hello all!

As usual a lot has happened since the last time I wrote so hopefully this won’t be too long!

Well after the Red Cross camp a few weekends ago, the activities have changed quite a bit in my site…. I’ve been finding myself going…

wait what

A lot more recently… But of course that makes for a lot of new experiences that I would probably never have if I were back in the States!

So we’re no longer having to fund raise like crazy people for the aforementioned camp… However,  when I got back to Celica we had an activity with another organization that I’m working with called Huellas,… I know what you guys are thinking…


Well don’t you worry! I’ve been brushing up on my Spanish skills since I’ve been here…Huellas means Footprints (or Tracks, if you’re talking about animals)… Now everyone breathe a sigh of relief… I’ve got you covered!

ANYWAYS!… Huellas is an animal rights organization that was brought to my site by my counterpart and his wife.

In Ecuador animals are often neglected or mistreated and it was really hard for me to witness that since in the States that is usually considered unacceptable. So having a chance to work with this organization is AWESOME, there are a lot of children that participate and I think that teaching them empathy for animals is very important and hopefully it can be transferred to how they treat other people.  This is how it all makes me feel inside…

rainbow kitten unicorns

So the first few days after camp were dedicated to rounding up local dogs and cats and getting them FIXED!!! Wasn’t exactly how I expected to spend my first couple days back in site but you know…

tina thumb

AND We ended up getting 49 dogs/cats fixed in TWO DAYS!


Which was soooo amazing and will really benefit the community!

But needless to say, after a weekend of camp and a couple days of dog whispering I was pretty exhausted and ready for my weekend off…

Each month we get 3 days of personal time to get out of site so we don’t do this…


And I was ready to take mine and eat delicious American food and see my friends from training and visit another city… But mostly eat delicious American food (I have a problem?)

Well on Wednesday evening I got a phone call that said that we were going to go to a meeting the next day in another town for Red Cross… I was like…


On the way there I was told that this meeting would be about helping local farmers because there had recently been a drought and the Red Cross of that town was providing relief!

Well, once we arrived, I realized that this wasn’t a meeting… There were at least 30 people gathered around waiting… apparently for industrial sized farm hoses!


My counterpart then told me that the contracted engineer responsible for the hose project had just bailed which then left US responsible for distributing said giant hoses to the farmers! My counterpart and I were pretty much like…


So I did what any flexible Peace Corps volunteer would do and put on my manual labor pants and went to work… Again… Not exactly what I was expecting to do on a Thursday afternoon…. But I was pretty much like…


or probably more like…

whats happening

Sooooo needless to say after carting around hoses that were WAY heavier than I ever expected, I was even MORE ready to take my personal days…

The next day I left for Cuenca and once we all arrived we were like….


And then I promptly got sick… all weekend…


But even though I was sick the whole time, don’t think that I let it get me down… I still had a blast!


I ate my face of, went shopping and saw the sites!

However, It did get so bad that on the last night I actually resorted to Ecuadorian Shaman remedies and made one of my friends rub an egg on me to get rid of my “bad energy”… and you’re not going to believe me but… It worked…


Fortunately the egg rubbing continued to work for the entire bus ride back to site and since I’ve gotten back things have been pretty slow. My counterpart seems to be pretty active with the million other personal projects he’s working on, that in no way involve me so I’m pretty much like…

not my chair

(^That one’s for you Natalie!)

So  I’ve been working on my Community Assessment Tool that I will start doing later this month and I’ve also been helping him with Red Cross projects and of course I’m still kind of recovering from being sick and taking it easy…

Side Announcement-

I have recently started participating in the Peace Corps World Wise Schools program and I wanted to let any of my educator family/friends out there know about it!

World Wise Schools is a program that gets teachers in contact with a current Peace Corps volunteer that can be a pen pal for your class or contribute in other ways depending on what you’re looking for. It’s way cooler than how I’m describing it, so if you want to check it out here’s the website:

I am allowed to participate with at least one other school, if not more, so if you’d like to pen pal or Skype with me in your classroom then just let me know and I can request you to be my school!  Or join in and meet some other cool volunteers, it’s a great resource for teachers and it’s free!

Ok just wanted to mention that for all my teachers out there!


Alright I had more but I’m gonna save it for later… I hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Until next time!

Peace Out!


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