La Vaca Loca!

Hello again everyone!

When I last left you, my counterpart was busy with his personal activities and I was still recovering from being sick on my weekend off…


I’m obviously still upset about that.

Since then it’s been pretty slow and I’ve mostly been keeping busy by finalizing my community survey, making plans with the local youth group and hanging out.

Last weekend my host mom asked me if I had any plans and I was like… Of course not…

duh full house

OK that’s not fair, sometimes I have plans on the weekend but this particular weekend I didn’t… So she asked me if I wanted to go visit her family in a nearby town. I was like ….


YAY! Something to do all day!

When we arrived I found out that this town was also having their founding day celebration! Then I was like….

dance 2

However I ended up quickly wondering why my mother invited me to begin with… she tended to just sit me down in random places and run around doing things for hours at a time. I was beginning to be like…

how rude 2

But I realized that I needed to try to analyze why she might be behaving this way as to not misunderstand her actions.

I first thought, well, this probably ISN’T rude in her mind/culture… Then I thought, actually she probably thinks just sitting around doing nothing is awesome… and finally I thought, well if I want her to include me in things I should probably just force my way in…

So from then on out instead of being offended, I just followed my host mom around like a lost puppy which she seemed to enjoy… However I was still kind of like….


But that’s just because there really wasn’t anything to do.

Later that evening however, I got to experience Ecuadorian fireworks, which I have only experienced once before, and something called “la vaca loca” (the crazy cow) which I had heard of before but really didn’t know what in the world it meant….

So my host mom pawned me off on her teenage niece and her friends for the evening and together we went to the central park of the town. They were having performances in front of the church. I couldn’t decide whether some of it was cute or just messed up and in general I was like… What… Is… Happening??? And I was also kind of like…

fun night

Then it was on to the VACA LOCA!

After having experienced fireworks here before, I immediately looked at the teenage girls and asked, “Is this going to be dangerous?” To which they replied… more or less…

no way 2

Well, let me tell you what happened next…

A man then walked into the middle of the street as the crowd patiently waited on the sidewalks for the show to begin. He then put something over his head and shoulders that resembled a paper mache cow that was covered in… you guessed it… FIREWORKS… and I was like…

not surprised

Another man then lit the fuse and “la vaca loca” marched/danced back and forth along the street with the fireworks going of one-by-one into the crowd! I was like….


And by the end of the display all of us were cowering in fear behind strangers in the crowd and I looked over at the teenagers and said, “You said that it wasn’t dangerous!”

After the vaca loca we then watched the traditional “castle” of fireworks that are set up in a tower formation and have a fuse that is measured out like a timer so that different levels of the tower go off at different times… It’s really impressive but also terrifying because sometimes fireworks just go flying off of the tower into the crowd… but you know… I like to live dangerously…


So after the fireworks, I went back and told my host mom that we were almost killed by the crazy cow and whenever a firework would go off in the distance I would start screaming, “The crazy cow is coming to get me!” Which she found rather entertaining…

Well after last weekend’s shenanigans we decided to stay in this weekend and my host mom asked me if I wanted to cook… Nice way of saying… I don’t want to, will you do it instead? I was like…

got it dude

Well honestly I hadn’t made an effort to cook anything here since tuna sandwiches because,

A) She is always cooking

B) I don’t have most of my American cooking ingredients here

and C) The market makes me nervous

So yesterday morning my host mom took me to the market and I made us pancakes for breakfast with homemade syrup and then I made us meatloaf and mashed potatoes for lunch… As you can probably imagine I was like…


And my host family LOVED it! They both got seconds and we were all like…

dancing full house

So all in all things have been pretty great here!

You may have noticed that all of my gifs are from the TV series Full House… This post is for you OC… Mission accomplished.

I will now be taking requests for future themed posts!

Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Peace Out!


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