Passing Afternoons

Hello Again!

When I last left you, my host family and I were enjoying delicious delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes together which can best be described through this gif…


Since then, my host mother has actually requested that I make it again and that I teach her how to make it as well! I feel like this…


I have also started helping out more in the kitchen! My host mom works so she usually has to wake up super early to make lunch before she leaves. Since I’m usually at home and/or don’t have a strict schedule I have offered to help cook throughout the week so she can relax. She seemed very pleased, she was pretty much like…


One of my reason for not contributing sooner is that in Celica, they don’t have a lot of the ingredients or American types of food that we grow up with. For example, here, they don’t sell pieces of chicken nicely packaged, separated, deboned and whatnot. If you want chicken, you get half a chicken or a whole chicken and you chop it up yourself. Well, coming from the great United States (or at least from my family)… I honestly have NO IDEA how to cut up ANY animal so I’m a pretty useless woman here in Ecuador. Because of this I haven’t felt comfortable cooking anything that involves chicken… Soooooo I have asked my host mom to help me and next Monday she is going to buy a chicken and I am going to cut it all by myself! Knowing me, it will probably end up like this…


But chicken dancing or not, it will be an experience!

Also, apparently, my host family has decided that I’m a health nut. To which I’m like….


I am also apparently the family health expert, which is only because I don’t like mayonnaise on everything and also because I don’t drink coffee at night… Regardless of how valid these titles are, I have still been taking full advantage of the situation by requesting more of ANY kind of vegetable PLEASE DEAR GOD GIVE ME SOMETHING GREEN TO EAT!

In reality I am nowhere near an expert on health, any of my family members or previous roommates or pretty much anyone who reads this blog knows how much I LOVE FOOD… and I am really not that healthy! I’m pretty much like…

eat everything

My host family has also caught me (multiple times) eating Oreos late at night in the kitchen like this….

caught eating

So I really have no idea where they came up with the idea that I am healthy… but I’ll take it!

So other than playing Top Chef in Spanish things have been pretty slow here… My counterpart has been involved with the local elections and my youth group has been pretty inactive. Last weekend I actually had multiple plans and then all of them got cancelled, then my counterpart went out of town and I was like….


But I keep reminding myself that the first 3 months in site are supposed to be slow because this is our time to adjust and to integrate into our community. If I tried to start projects right now then they probably wouldn’t be successful because I haven’t built relationships and the community doesn’t know and trust me yet. In October my counterpart and I will start our community survey and after that is complete I will probably feel more like…


In the meantime I’m just going to as many community events as possible and introducing myself to everyone.

I actually met some other volunteers in the community recently!

I had heard of other volunteers being around and I was like…


And then I was like…


Because being a foreigner in another country is hard! I figured we could probably be friends and support each other and our projects since we’re all helping the same community.

When I saw them I was like…


And I immediately walked right up to them and introduced myself and was like…


They were pretty much like…


But we exchanged numbers and I later received a message from them about hanging out in the future! So I can say that I’m already pretty popular… I have like 5 friends now (2 of them are children)…


Today I also received a care package from one of my friends and I am beyond excited! I was literally like this when I got it…


Thanks again to everyone who has sent me something, it means the world to me! I feel so blessed to have such a great support system even when I’m so far away from you!

This weekend I am going to a festival at another volunteer’s site! I’m really excited to meet some volunteers from other training groups and to enjoy some time in other places in my province.

Well as usual I have more to write but I’m going to save it for another day!

I hope everything is great in your part of the world.

Until next time.

Peace out!


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