The Shrimp, The Dinosaur and The… What are you supposed to be again??

Hello All!

I’ve been putting off writing a blog because I felt that nothing has really happened since the last time I wrote. I then thought about it for a minute and realized that I was mistaken. Although, this has been my normal state recently…


I have still managed to gather several interesting stories from my last few weeks so I guess something has been going on!

Let’s talk about Halloween… I decided to celebrate Halloween this year with my friend in a nearby site. She had arranged a huge event for the kids she’s working with and she also designed an elaborate costume and once I heard about that I was like…


When I arrived at her site we quickly met up and did some last minute shopping/prep work for the party. I was in charge of making popcorn on the stove since I was the only one with limited experience and by the time I was finished, the kitchen was COVERED in popcorn…


After we cleaned up the popcorn and finally got everything together we put on our costumes! My friend was a giant orange shrimp… Her site mate was a dinosaur … And I was supposed to be the Monopoly man, but I quickly turned into a magician that didn’t know any tricks…


Once we were dressed we then paraded across the entire town to the neighborhood where we were having the party. On the way we were told multiple times that we were very “guapa” (pretty) to which we were like…


When we arrived at the park, we were surrounded by 40+ little children in masks and outfits ready to see the giant shrimp and her friends!

We started the party with a couple games, pin the hat on the witch and bobbing for oranges (because apples are too expensive) and we quickly realized that Ecuadorian kids have NO PROBLEM shoving their face into a bucket of water to get an orange… When I tried to get my students in China to bob for apples they were pretty much all like…

michael-scott-no (1)

Then it was the time for trick or treating… My friend had already arranged with several neighbor ladies to give out candy that she provided, so we just had to get the hoard from one house to the next. This, my friends, was one of the funniest things I have witnessed since being here. Imagine a group of 40+ kids running and screaming in one direction, then a giant shrimp lady yelling that they were going the wrong way and then the entire group stopping and then running and screaming in another direction. They were all pretty much like…


This went on for about 30 minutes. The kids had a blast, the adults had a blast and the volunteers had a blast. It was a huge success. And we then went to another neighborhood, and did it all again… At the end of it we were like…



But I must say, it was definitely worth my trip…

When I got back to my site, I was informed that we were having a city-wide earthquake drill later on that week and that the Red Cross youth group was expected to participate.

Leading up to the drill I got to speak in front of both high schools and help give 2 First Aid classes to the volunteers and during this time we also recruited 15 new volunteers so now we have 30 volunteers in our youth group!


On the day of the drill, all of the youth were going CRAZY! They were so excited that when the sirens went off they were like….


The drill was a huge success and the youth got to report about their experiences to the rest of the group. They all bragged about how many “wounded” they helped and were very proud of themselves. It was definitely a great week for the Red Cross ….


So I guess all in all it actually has been a pretty eventful few weeks!

I hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace out!


5 thoughts on “The Shrimp, The Dinosaur and The… What are you supposed to be again??

    • Love you and all of your reports. Changing email to elizabethtouchon@gmail,com. Zach and Brittany are coming home for
      Christmas,which I am very excited about. I do not want to miss any of these. I love you so much. Mama ET

      • Is there anyway I can talk to you like brittany does. Been cleaning for daus tp prepare for the maid who is about to arrive. Love you , mama

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