So, what exactly are you doing down there??? (and so she said)

Hey Everyone!

So let’s talk about what I have done and what I’m planning on doing during my time here!

So the first 3 months I got to interview people in Celica and ask them what they think the problems are here and how they think the community could fix them. With that, I found a TON of information and got some really interesting ideas for projects that I could potentially start. So for my first 3 months, just imagine me like this…


So after Reconnect training, our city-wide festivals and my friend visiting, I finally had enough time to dedicate to starting up projects. AAAAND It also happened to be January so of course it felt like a great time to get started!


One of the activities my Red Cross youth volunteers and I have been discussing has been putting on an alcohol-free dance! Alcohol abuse is a huge problem here in Celica so we want to hold an alcohol-free dance to prove that we can still have fun without alcohol. Since our dance was scheduled for Valentine’s day and we were starting our fund raising in January, we all pretty much felt like…


So for our first attempt at fundraising we sold hot dogs… twice… we didn’t make much money and it took A LOT of time and work so afterwards we were kind of like…

kirk fit 2

After getting slightly discouraged, I spoke with another volunteer and he suggested that we do a city-wide BINGO. My youth thought it was a great idea and within 2 weeks we had managed to organize everything! I honestly couldn’t believe that all of the youth did such a great job at organizing while still going to school, doing homework and taking care of all of their other responsibilities. I don’t have nearly as much to do and even I was still like…


In the end, the crowd was small, but we raised a decent amount of money and overall it was a success! We had a lot of fun working together and afterwards we were all like…


We also recently found out that there are 2 other dances happening on Valentine’s day so we are now planning on having an “End of the School Year/Prom” type dance (here that’s March 6th) so that the youth will actually go to our event! I’m glad we figured that out otherwise that could have been a big disaster! CRISIS AVERTED!!


Also because of the date change we now have more time to raise money and there is less pressure to have everything ready so soon. However, since we’ve been so busy recently everyone’s pretty much like…


As far as my other projects are concerned I am also currently teaching English at the local military base. I have 2 classes that I teach 3 days a week. One class is beginners and consists of enlisted soldiers…. most of our classes are pretty much like…


My other class is advanced and consists of only officers and doctors and most of our classes are pretty much like…


While my main role in Celica is not teaching soldiers English, this has really helped me get some important connections within the community. The Colonel has already requested workshops from my youth volunteers and he also wants me to teach parenting classes to the families at the base. Having this connection kind of makes me feel like…


But then I remember my lesson where a room full of soldiers were singing to Taylor Swift and I quickly remember that I should probably feel more like this…


So on top of all of the awesome stuff I’m doing, I have also been searching for apartments! In Peace Corps Ecuador, after you have lived with a host family for your first 6 months in site, you have the option to move out and live on your own. In my situation, my host family wanted their space back and has kindly requested that I find my own place once my 6 months are over. Right now I have found one option that will work with me so hopefully it will get approved and I’ll be able to live…


As far as my other projects are concerned, in February I am planning on starting a “kid’s club” for the elementary school kids to go to after school because currently they have no after school activities. I am really excited to work with this age range again but at same time I kind of worry that the kids are gonna be like…


I am also planning on starting a “girl’s night” for the teenage girls in my community. I would like for it to become a kind of support group for the girls to talk to each other and learn different life skills that will hopefully empower them and improve their futures!

While I’m very excited to get projects started and to expand on my current projects I do find myself wondering…


Honestly, some days I’m more confident than others!

Right now, I am very optimistic about things to come and I am hoping that February is just as busy as January!

I will try to keep you posted on my projects as they progress and hopefully they won’t progress like this…


This Original Star Trek Blog is dedicated to my Mother! I didn’t forget!

Everyone else, let me know if you have requests!

I hope everything is great in your part of the world! Also, I hope the Seahawks win… just sayin…

Peace out!

PS. During my Star Trek searches I discovered these gems on the internet and felt the need to share them with the world.




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