Movin’ On Up!

Hey Everyone!
So the last time I left you, I was in a funk… Since then I can say that my attitude has drastically improved! Instead of feeling like…

Now I’m more like…

flesh wound

While my attitude has changed, things in good ol’ Celica have not…

To start off with, my apartment got approved by Peace Corps at the beginning of the month but I am still currently sleeping in my host family’s house….

leaving sigh

But even though I am still living in my old house, I have moved all of my stuff to my new place…


Now let’s take a second to remember that when I came to Ecuador I only had 2 suitcases full of stuff. Well now after being in Celica for only 7 months I have managed to gather enough stuff to fill about 5 suitcases! Also, just so everyone knows, while moving my things I had to walk right through the center of town and everyone looked at me like I was doing this…

Living in two different places is way more difficult than I imagined, even when the houses are only a few blocks away from each other. Plus whenever I try to find something in my unpacked apartment I pretty much feel like…
kick to the head

So the reason why it’s taken me so long to actually sleep in my new place is that the local elections have been happening at the same time as my move (perfect timing). Just so you know, Ecuadorian campaigning is very different from campaigning in the States. The political parties have rallies in the city and in order to show how much support they have, people will march in the streets chanting to the event. For some reason whenever I hear large groups of people chanting I’m all like…

run away

Because in my head I always think a riot is about to start.

They also have caravans of cars drive around and just honk their horns, so it’s pretty much 20+ cars honking outside your window for what feels like forever! Also, they strap giant speakers to their cars and drive around playing the political party’s song (yes, they have those) or just yelling stuff! When all this commotion happens everyone in Celica is pretty much like…

And I’m like…


Soooo, my counterpart happens to be very active in his political party and also happened to agree to loan me a bed frame. So I waited for 2 weeks to get a bed frame moved and then finally decided to just buy my own and then I had to be like…

got one already

Fortunately for me, my landlady is very sweet and motherly and is letting me borrow a TON of stuff! She also bullied the delivery man into helping me put my bed frame together and brought 4 other women over to help finish the project. It was really cute and in the end we were all like…


However, after putting it all together we realized we didn’t have the right tools to tighten the screws in the frame so I am still sleeping at my old host family’s house until we can fix it…
you make me sad

On the bright side I am almost there (fingers crossed for tomorrow) and I think I have killed all of the spiders…

(it’s the little victories)

As far as everything else goes, with getting sick, moving and the elections, this entire month of planning went…

bunny catapult

I’m not too concerned however because since I am the first volunteer here, a lot of my first year will just be setting up a base for future volunteers. Also, this is Peace Corps and change is just kind of the name of the game! And even though it is frustrating, don’t worry everyone…

had worse

Well once I am in my new place I am not sure when I will be able to get internet again so this might be the last blog post for the near future.
This weekend is Carnival so hopefully I will have more exciting things to share next time!
I hope everything is great in your part of the world!
Peace Out!

P.S. You may have noticed this blog full of Monty Python gifs! This one is for all of my friends in Spamalot this weekend! Break all of the legs you guys!!!


2 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up!

  1. Loved reading that. After the peace corps and
    lets not forget China, you can do anything. Love, Mama ET

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