All of the Feelings!

Hey Everyone!

I apologize for the lack of communication for the last month or so, I have been very busy adventuring!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was able to come back to the States and visit for a little while in June!

I had so much fun being able to see family and friends that it all kinda felt like this…

elf revolving door


Reverse culture shock was also a very real thing! I spent most of my time trying to remind myself of social/cultural norms and also that I could actually drink the tap water and throw my toilet paper into the toilet. So I was pretty much in a constant state of…


I also was reminded quite often of how slow/late I am…



I had a ton of fun getting to see everyone and indulge in American food and culture again. I also got to explain to everyone what my life is like down here which pretty much went like…



I also got to go on the annual tubing trip with my friends, visit with a lot of friends from my hometown and go on a road trip to visit my extended family! Plus we had a TON of potlucks…

i love america


The whole experience was great but kind of surreal because I was adjusting back into my own culture, just to leave it again for another year. At the end of it all I just kind of felt like…


Of course I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I am so happy that I decided to go home to visit but next time I will be excited to focus on readjusting more permanently!


So once I got back to Ecuador I had to readjust back to the life here again!

I got to see some of my fellow volunteers and vent to them about how homesick I was which was difficult because for once this was something that not everyone else was dealing with. Everyone was pretty much like…

there there


I could tell they were trying their best to be sympathetic but I couldn’t expect them to know exactly how I felt because everyone’s lives back home are different. Plus I knew I was just in a weird place with adjusting and readjusting and being on the move that I was pretty much like…

figure it out


When I finally arrived back to site for the foreseeable future I was pretty much like…



I was super homesick and sad. I was negative about all of my projects and plans and my site and my counterpart and honestly just everything. It was not a fun place to be and I wasn’t a fun person to be around. Pretty much when anyone talked to me I was like…

welcome to hell


But after talking to a few of my friends I realized that this was not going to be a permanent state and that the cloud would lift and I would be able to take on my next year of service. At the time I didn’t want to hear/believe it, but now I’m more like…

peek cute

And I can see things getting better.

I am already back to organizing my projects and have a meeting and two classes arranged for this week. So I guess things are where they’re supposed to be. I’m back to feeling more optimistic but also trying to remain realistic so I don’t get like this again…


So right now, I still have a little more than a year to go. I’m sure that time will fly by and I’ll be wishing for more at the end of my service.

I am very grateful for all of my friends and family back home and for my Ecuadorian/volunteer friends and family that missed me while I was gone and welcomed me back upon my return. I truly am very lucky to be where I am today, all of your support makes my heart feel like…

homer happy

Well that’s all for now!

I hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace Out!


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