“Bananas Grow in Iceland”

Hey Everyone!

These last few weeks have been as crazy as ever!

As I mentioned in my last blog, after I got back from my trip to the States I realized that I was feeling kind of like…

sad batman


And I was definitely acting like…



I got back to Celica and pretty much immediately discovered that my Red Cross youth were not even meeting anymore and my counterpart hadn’t done ANYTHING with the Red Cross the entire time I was gone. So I was pretty much like…

expect nothing


Honestly, he had his reasons and when I think about it in a normal, rational, adult way I’m definitely like…


But of course when I had just gotten back to Celica, I was not thinking in a normal, rational or adult way so I definitely felt like this…



We had a few conversations and of course when I was not so frustrated, I discussed the reality of the situation with him.

Honestly, he is the only person in Celica that is pushing to start the Red Cross again and he has too much on his plate right now. He owns his own business, he has another part time job and he has a family that he needs to support. If we want to be successful and have a successful youth group, we need more than just 2 people on the case.  Right now, the Red Cross just doesn’t have the community’s support and without that we’re basically just doing this…

Cat running up a slide like it_s a treadmill


So for the time being I have decided to focus my energy on various secondary projects and of course help the Red Cross as the situation evolves. In the end I think my counterpart was pretty much like…

thank you relief


Fortunately for me, before I left on my trip back home, I had already decided to start setting up the groundwork for my secondary projects. If you remember in a previous blog, my counterpart and I went around to all of the schools and introduced me to the principals…



I wanted to do this mainly because I was interested in working in the schools and I knew that once I had already met the principals (with a well-known community member) I would be able to come and set up activities on my own in the future. And for once, the plan actually worked!

best dancer ever


Right now I am working in almost every school in Celica, helping with their school clubs and also forming new after school activities for children and youth. The next step to my project plan is to start working with the local government and also getting into the classrooms so we can discuss important life lessons like…



So right now I’m the busiest that I’ve been since training, but I feel like that’s normal since I have finally almost completed a year in Celica. I now know what to expect in the upcoming year and hopefully I will be able to plan accordingly. Now that I have momentum, I am trying very hard not to start too many things at once so I don’t do this…



And as I continue to expand my projects, I am also making sure to reevaluate my current activities so that I use my time efficiently. Right now things seem to be going well, but I can also tell that I’m still adjusting back to my Peace Corps life. Because of this I am making sure I use my out of site days so I don’t end up like this…



In the end, I am hoping that I remain patient and remember that this process might take a little while longer than it might in other places. Kind of like growing bananas in Iceland.

I hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace Out!


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