Hey Everyone!

Things in Celica are busy, busy, busy!

I have been working my tail off these last few weeks and I gotta tell you, at the end of the day I usually feel like this…


But I also feel like this…



Since the last time I posted, things have really taken off! I started an after school club for kids that meets twice a week (for the time being) and I couldn’t be happier with it!

More and more kids show up each week and no matter what I’m teaching, the kids are just like…


I must admit that it is exhausting, but I’m VERY excited about all of the American holidays coming up that I’ll get to teach them about and celebrate with them! The club is going so well that if kids keep coming at this rate, I might start having it more than twice a week. However, if I do that, I might end up like this…



Outside of the Kid’s Club, I have also organized a less-than-successful Girl’s Night! This is a group for teenage girls that meets once a week to do arts and crafts, watch movies, make friends and discuss important topics to women etc. So far I have had a fluctuation of 3-7 girls a week and only 1 consistent attendee, but I am not giving up yet! Hopefully in the next month or so I will be able to advertise the club more and if need be, make it for a younger age group since they seem to be the most interested! Right now when I think about the group I’m pretty much like…


But hopefully I will be able to tweak the group to fit the needs of the community more.

These past few weeks I have also started 2 English Clubs, one that was organized by a local high school teacher and another that was organized by one of my Red Cross youth! Both classes have very different dynamics but all of the students expect to be able to speak English fluently in a matter of hours, to which I am just like…

why you fail

When I shared with them that I have been studying Spanish since I was 12 years old they were all like…


But it let them realize that it takes a long time to learn a language and that they shouldn’t get too discouraged. In the end, I will be curious to see who sticks around the next couple months!

At the beginning of August I also started teaching Substance Abuse Prevention classes at one of my local elementary schools. While it sounds like all I’m doing is this…

drugs are bad

I am really teaching classes that focus on life skills such as decision making, self-esteem, feelings, coping with anger/anxiety, peer pressure etc.

So far, I LOVE IT! The kids are always excited to see me and the teachers are always surprised at how well I can control the little monsters! I’m only on week 3 of a 10-12 week course but I’m excited to see how it goes and I’m also excited to start the curriculum at other schools!

Outside of those personal projects I have also been helping with the local school clubs! I helped one music club find different instruments they can make out of recycled materials and also taught a lesson on “American” music. That was pretty much like…


I also taught 3 dance clubs how to do the “Electric Slide” and the “Cupid Shuffle” which was so much fun! The kids also showed me some of their traditional Ecuadorian dances and the next time I go they are going to teach them to me! I’m sure I’m gonna nail it like…

dancing 2

I have also been helping another local elementary school with their clubs but I am pretty sure that I will be trying to change my role there. For 2 weeks my main responsibility has pretty much been cutting foam into various shapes to which I am like ….



Then when I finally got the opportunity to give a real lesson about nutrition, the teacher was very rude. He had a lenghty conversation with another teacher during my lesson until I was finally like…

shhhh shut up

And then 30 minutes into my 45 minute lesson, he brought in 20 students from a different class! At that point I was like…

fuming controlling emotions

I tried talking to the teacher afterwards but he was pretty much like…


So I just had to tell myself that it was probably a cultural difference and will now discuss these things ahead of time with whoever I am presenting with.

I am also trying to adjust my role in that school to working with older classes and having my own teaching time with them to avoid issues like this in the future.

Finally, I have also organized to take 2 local teachers with me to a Peace Corps Recycled Art Conference in Quito this week! While the bus ride to and from is extremely long and makes me all like…


I think that this is a great opportunity to teach more people about Peace Corps and also gain more credibility within my community. It will also give me an opportunity to start more projects in the school that the teachers work for! Hopefully it will be successful and fun!

I will let you know how everything goes in my next post!

Well, as you can tell I am pretty busy and I’m loving it!

I hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace Out!


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