Hey Everyone!

So it feels like I JUST wrote one of these but since I’m trying to post twice a month I will go ahead and give another update!

If you had a chance to read my last post, you might remember that I mentioned I was about to go to a Recycled Art Conference in Quito with two teachers from Celica. Unfortunately after a lot of work getting the teachers time off to attend said conference, they cancelled on me… the day before we were supposed to leave…

When the Principal actually told me they couldn’t go I wanted to be like…

you blew it

But instead I was just like…

disappointed nod

Thankfully, I ended up being able to attend the conference by myself so all was not lost.

While I was there I got to meet new volunteers and hang out with volunteers from my training class. I also learned a lot of new arts & crafts projects that I can hopefully use with my groups! To be honest, all of the Ecuadorian counterparts were REALLY good at all of the projects and in the end I just pretty much felt like…

llama art

After the conference I got to spend a night in Quito with a few other volunteers so it was definitely a nice little trip away from site.


Fortunately, even though I had to cancel my recently started Kid’s Club, Girl’s Night and English Club, to go to the conference, people still attended all of them this week!


I did a theater/acting activity with my Kid’s Club and I was shocked at how much they got into it and just LOVED it! They all just continue to surprise me! I always expect them to be like…

youre weird

But instead they’re just like…

mad here

It definitely makes it that much more fun/rewarding!

Because of how great my Kid’s Club is going, I have decided to hold a 2 week day camp during the upcoming vacations here in October! I am planning on doing tons of fun and educational activities for the kids that aren’t traveling so they have something to do in their free time! Other volunteers are also going to come help me with activities on Community Health, the Environment and other important topics so all in all I’m feeling pretty much like…

food awesome


As far as other projects are concerned, my Girl’s Night is still struggling to take off, so I recently asked some of the adolescent girls that I work with, in what ways can I change it around to make it more successful? In the end I think that I’m going to need to make a general Youth Group for boys and girls because you know how it is with teenagers, all they want to do is…


So after the upcoming vacations in October, I’m going to try to switch it to a Youth Group and hopefully it will motivate some more people to attend and then I can reach more youth in the community.

This week I also gave a presentation about Environmental Protection to the high school Environmental Club that my Landlady is in charge of. I was working with them weekly but realized that my talents would be better used elsewhere and yesterday definitely confirmed that decision!

There is such little discipline in those classes that whenever I teach them I have to be all like…


And then after I’m done I end up going home and am all like…

angry snack

So I think it’s best that I’m only giving monthly workshops now!

I am also still working with the clubs at one of the elementary schools. This week was the Sports Club so I taught them how to throw/catch a Frisbee in hopes that one day we could play Ultimate Frisbee together. It was definitely fun and the kids had a blast, but we did manage to get a Frisbee stuck on a roof and the maintenance man had to retrieve it. He was pretty much like…


And by the end of the class none of the kids could actually throw or catch the Frisbee. but of course they still had fun and I got to show them a little bit of “American” culture!

I am also still teaching substance abuse prevention classes at that same elementary school and next week I’m supposed to expand to another school. I’m hoping that it works out but in my head I’m kind of like…


In about a week, our training group will have it’s Midservice training, which is held one year after we are in our sites. Technically, it will be one year and a month but who’s counting!? That is also held in Quito so I will have to make that trip again, but it will be the first time in about 10 months that our entire group will be together again so it’s definitely worth the trip!

After the training I will have my medical exams and will find out if I have amoebas, parasites or any other lovely creature hanging out in my body! I would not be surprised if I do because every time I get sick here I’m just like…

ignore goes away

But I will keep you posted with the details!

Once I get back from Midservice, my counterpart and I have arranged to meet with the local government to discuss ideas for making a playground! This is my DREAM PROJECT and this meeting will be the deciding factor on whether or not I can even move forward with it. I will hopefully be able to write another post before then, but if not… Wish me luck!

OK so I think that’s all I have for now!

I hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace Out!


3 thoughts on “WERK!

  1. You are such an inspiration to me! I am imitating you. if one class isn’t well received, i move on to something new… I try to teach them and reach them where they are…. not where I assume they should be…:-)

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