A September to Remember!

Hey Everyone!

I know I usually try to post twice a month but September has been the busiest month of my service by far!

So at the beginning of September my training group (aka. Omnibus) had its mid-service training! Mid-service is a week-long training after being in your site for a year. It’s meant to be a time for everyone to catch up and to give us tools for our last year of service. I must admit, I thought it was going to be like…


But overall it was pretty much like…


I enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone that I haven’t seen in a while and learn more about what everyone is doing in site. I also got a lot of resources and it helped give me more ideas for my 2nd year here! It was definitely a good time.

After mid-service, I had my medical appointments with around 7 other people from my Omnibus. We all got to stay in the same hostel so that was fun! The entire time I was going to all of my medical appointments I was pretty much like…

hurts and dying

But all of my medical stuff was fine so I was finally like…


While I was in Quito for all of this my Grandmother passed away. It was really sad news to hear, but I was happy to be around my volunteer support system when it happened. Of course I wish I could have been home to support and grieve with my family but when you live abroad you don’t always get to do that.

Well after my medical and getting stuck an extra day in Quito because of protests…


I got to go to our cluster meeting in Loja! A cluster meeting is a meeting for the volunteers closest to you to share information and support each other. While I wasn’t so excited about being away from Celica for that much longer, it was a very productive meeting and I was happy to see the volunteers in my cluster!

While hanging out after the meeting, we even made a rap for another volunteer which can only be accurately represented through this gif…

feeling it

Epic, I know!

So now I’m back in Celica and the next two weeks are vacations for the schools. Because of this the Red Cross is having a vacation day camp for the kids here. This week I went around and announced it at the schools and the kids were pretty much like…

excited dance

I am also having 4 different volunteers come down to help with it so I’M pretty much like…


After those two weeks, I will have another meeting in Quito so my schedule is pretty packed for the near future! I’ll most likely be able to post again, mid-October to let you know how the camp went. Hopefully it will be a success!

Well, that’s all I have for now!

Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace Out!