Celica Celebrates Halloween!

Hey Everyone!

Well it looks like I MIGHT actually have a chance to post twice this month but I’m not going to make any promises!

So the last time I posted, I was just getting back to Celica and preparing for Celica’s first ever Halloween party! The week before the party, I went and made an announcement at the local schools again and just like the last time, the children were all like…

gif excited

When I made my announcement I also made sure to talk about the Kid’s Club that I hold twice a week and invited them to attend. That afternoon over 50 kids showed up for Kid’s Club and I was like…

what have i done

The the following week only around 20 kids showed up so I was like…

much better

Because of this, I figured that there would be about 50 kids for the Halloween party, maybe a few more.

I invited 2 newer volunteers to come and help me with the party so we would have at least 3 adults to help out with the kids. On the day of, we decorated the room, set up for games, gave candy to different stores to hand out and put on our costumes!

The other volunteers were a wolf and an alien, and I was Gandalf (or just a wizard depending on who you asked). Once we were in our costumes we were all like…

do this

When we arrived, a few kids were already waiting, a few more were still arriving and after everyone was there we had OVER 70 KIDS!!! Once all of the kids were shoved into the room, I was pretty much like…

bad ideas

Thankfully the other volunteers were there and we quickly got things slightly organized so we could play party games. We played, pin the face on the jack-o-lantern, bobbing for oranges (yes they float) and we also had a balloon relay race! In general the kids were pretty much either like this…

spongebob ready

Or like this…

group chaos

And I was just like this…


After we played games we took the kids trick or treating! Fortunately for me and my fellow volunteers, a few parents stuck around and helped us corral the children. We went to 5 different stores and it was pretty much like…

yaaaas   yas!   yas

It was really fun getting to take the kids around Celica in their costumes and being able to share this holiday with the community! I bet those kids will remember this for the rest of their lives! Afterwards, we were definitely like…


but at the same time like…

it's over now

After the Halloween party, a few volunteers and I went to another city to celebrate Halloween and the city’s Founder’s Day. It was a great end to a busy week, even if we did have to dog sit Kiera Knightley/Infinity/Felicity….

teddy dog

Which involved, dog pee, Orlando Bloom, murder bones and awkward pregnancy photos…

da fuck   exctly

It was an interesting weekend to say the least and it was exactly what I needed after the Great Halloween Party of Celica!

Well that’s all I have for now!

Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace Out!


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