Does Ecua-Santa Say, “JO JO JO!”?

Hey Everyone!

So the holidays are upon us! To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really seem like it’s Christmas time here in Celica. They did put up a Christmas tree in the central park and my landlady and I decorated her house which was pretty like ….

minion decorating

But really it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without Christmas songs on repeat and ridiculously overdone department stores to make you feel obligated to buy things…



Well since the last time I talked to you, not too much has happened. After the incredibly busy month of October I was pretty much like…


I kept up with my normal schedule and tried not to over do it in order to not get burnt out and end up like this this…


I tried to restart the Red Cross youth group with my counterpart but after a week of harassing him to go with me to recruit new members and him constantly cancelling I was just like…

sad charlie

He is confident that we will be able to get it going again in January but I am more like…


Other than that Celica has been preparing for it’s annual fiestas on December 12th and of course that involves beauty pageants, fairs, races, dances and other random events that have been happening since the middle of November. Because of this it’s been nearly impossible to organize any activities with the kids after school. All in all it’s pretty much just been like…

elf tree fail

Fortunately, at the end of November I was able to organize a small Thanksgiving activity with my Kid’s Club which was just what I wanted. After having over 70 kids at the Halloween party, I was definitely like…


…and was not ready to organize an event of that size again so soon.

After my activity, for actual Thanksgiving dinner some volunteers were like…

die hard

So I went to hang out and as I’m sure you know, I was pretty much like…

snoopy eating eating

eating bc bored


Since I’ve been back in Celica I’ve kind of been like…


And also since the fiestas are happening this week it’s definitely been impossible to organize anything so I’m pretty much hanging out in my apartment all the time like…

Christmas-Gif-3-puss-in-boots-27644964-500-200 puss in boots christmas

But because the fiestas are this week there are also a TON of random activities going on so I’m sure I’ll be able to get out of my apartment and play. It’s hard sometimes to remember that 2/3 of our Peace Corps goals are cultural exchange, if it’s not a big activity I’m just kind of like…


After the fiestas are over, I’m planning on having a big Christmas party for my Kid’s Club and then I’ll be traveling around for actual Christmas/New Year’s which makes me feel like…

christmas dance

All in all, this is definitely a slow time for me in Celica but of course that’s how it goes during fiesta times. I’m hoping that the Christmas party and a small vacation will recharge my batteries so I can hit the ground running in January!

I probably won’t be able to write again until next year so if I don’t, I hope you have a great holiday season and…

merry xmas filthy animals

Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace Out!


PS. You’re welcome…

epic santa



One thought on “Does Ecua-Santa Say, “JO JO JO!”?

  1. I think you will be home by the time I have to move and can help me find a place. Reassure BooBoo iii am doing well. llllove, love, MamaET

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