Happy Poo Year!!! (See what I did there!?)

Happy New Year Everyone!

As you can imagine, soooooo many things have happened since the last time I was able to write so brace yourselves! This is going to be a novel! I know you’re all like…

excited liz

When I last left you, I was hanging around waiting for Celica’s Annual Fiestas to come and go so I could actually hold activities again. Well the fiestas came and went and the highlights, for me, were the open houses at the schools and of course the county parade in which everyone walking in it was like…


And all of the kids were either like…


or like…


After all of the fiesta fun subsided, I held two different Christmas activities for the kids. At one, we made reindeer horns and watched the Claymation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and at the other we played Christmas BINGO! Both had a ton of kids and were a huge success! Afterwards we were pretty much like…

excited anchorman

The best part was definitely when we played a blackout round for BINGO and I told them there would be only one winner and it would be the person who yelled, “BINGO!” the loudest… Well…. I forgot that we only had 25 words and 25 spaces so at around word 20 I realized that everyone was going to BINGO at the same time! I continued anyways and when I called out the last word it was pretty much like…

excited crazy

Needless to say it was HILARIOUS and I was like…

little thought

And just gave everyone a prize!

After the Christmas activities my boyfriend came to visit me from the States for the holidays! That definitely made me feel like…

happy charging puppies

Then within 24 hours of him being here I got food poisoning aannnnnd…

pooped pants

Soooooo romantic right!?

Well, honestly, I really thought I would be able to get through 2 years of Peace Corps without saying that but alas, I did not.

Fortunately, the food poisoning was over within a few hours and then we were still able to go site seeing!

travel kitty

We then went to a town in the jungle where we got to hang out with monkeys, raft and relax a little bit!

For New Year’s Eve we were able to see a lot of the traditional festivities.

Like last year, the town we were in burned effigies that represent the bad luck of the last year which is pretty much like….


But unlike last year, we encountered a lot more of another tradition I hadn’t seen much of. In Ecuador, for New Year’s Eve, men will dress up like the widows of the last year and ask people for money. It is normal to give them small change or they will bother you until you do!

However, instead of actually dressing like widows, like you might imagine, the men just dress in ridiculous drag and run around harassing other men! It was AMAZING! All in all it was pretty much like…


So New Year’s was a blast and then New Year’s Day came we were BOTH sick! At that point we were just like…

on the floor dying

Fortunately though, we were able to go back to Celica so he could see my work and home and we were able rest up before making our trip back to the airport. I must admit when he left I was kind of like…

dead inside

But thankfully, the school year was starting again when I got back so I was able to just jump right in!

I was also really busy recently because an organization from the States that I worked with before coming here, agreed to collaborate with us and train us to use their curriculum here in Ecuador! This makes me feel like…

yes! happy

So last weekend I got to go help train 3 more volunteers to facilitate the curriculum! I’m hoping that this project will continue to grow and that we will be able to use the curriculum with our next training class coming in May!

This week, my counterpart also stepped up to the plate and went with me to try to recruit new volunteers for the Red Cross youth group! If we have at least 20 volunteers, we will be able to hold First Aid training for the next 3 consecutive weekends, to which I am like…


To be honest, given our track record, I am not looking forward to restarting the youth group just to watch it do this…

fail jump

But I have to be optimistic that my counterpart is ready to follow this through! I will definitely be keeping you posted!

Sooooo after my aforementioned Christmas activities, I have had a lot of kids asking me when we would be starting Kid’s Clubs again! This was actually one of the first times that the kids were actively harassing me to do more activities and I gotta admit it kinda made me feel like…

high five

So I restarted Kid’s Club this week! Yesterday we talked about winter in the States and drew snowmen since we can’t make snowmen down here! And because of that activity this has been stuck in my head for days!!!!


You’re welcome!

All in all, things have been busy, fun and successful. I can’t wait to see what the last 6 months of my service holds!

I hope everyone’s holidays were wonderful and thank you again to everyone who was able to send something down for me and the kids! It definitely made me feel like…


Well that’s all for now! Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace out!


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