Pleasantly Surprised!

Hello Everyone!

As usual, a lot has happened since the last time I posted so get ready!!!

So the last time I left you, my counterpart had finally stepped up to the plate and was talking about recruiting youth volunteers for the Red Cross. When he actually followed through with it I was like…

surprised turtle

But, one thing that always seems to happen when my counterpart is involved, is that he tends to overbook himself and then I usually end up doing everything alone. Because of this I have decided to not agree to do anything that I wouldn’t want to do alone so when he goes overboard with suggestions I just say…

not doing that

So far this has been a successful technique for making him actually follow through on his plans. Plus it’s entertaining for me to see his reactions when I shoot him down.

In the end, our recruitment was successful. We now have 12 steady members of our youth group that are coming every Thursday and Saturday for meetings/training! We technically need 20 people to receive formal training but I’m just happy we have this many!

But of course, now that we finally have our group formed and ready, summer break is coming in March/April which makes me feel like…


Hopefully we’ll be able to continue our activities during and after the break. I’ll keep you posted!

Outside of the youth group I have still been holding my weekly Kid’s Club! Our most recent activity was a Valentine’s Day party!!! I invited another volunteer to come help me and we made Valentine’s Day cards with the kids and decorated envelopes to put their cards in! As usual the kids were like…


And of course it was so much fun! I got a ton of Valentine’s Day cards from my kiddos (humble brag) and my favorite says “You are very big and very smart”


After Valentine’s Day I got to go to the coast and celebrate Carnaval with some other volunteers. During the celebrations we were hit with water balloons, had buckets of water dumped on our heads and got covered in spray foam! All in all it was pretty much like…


I had so much fun getting to go to the beach and hang out with my friends, I really didn’t want to go back to cold, rainy Celica and was pretty much like…


But alas, I am here and back to work!

Next week is the last week of the school year and then summer break will be here in March! Also in March I am going to travel to Columbia with one of my friends from the States! Whenever I think about it I’m pretty much like…

happy dance 3

After the trip I will then be holding vacation classes with the Red Cross for the kids so they’ll have something fun and educational to do during their break! Needless to say I’m pretty busy getting everything prepped, I’m kind of like…

going to pass out

But these are my last 6 months in Celica so I want to make the most of them!

Speaking of last 6 months… I have an announcement to make for those who may not already know… drum roll please….




At the beginning of this month I was offered a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader position in Quito which means I will be staying an extra year starting in September! With this job I will work with another counterpart agency in Quito and I will also work with training and supporting other volunteers!

While I’m definitely like…

happy dance 2

I’m also of course kind of like…


But I will get to go home and visit for 30 days in August so hopefully that will make the transition easier!

So much is happening and I am so excited about the future! I can’t believe it has almost been 2 years, time really does fly.


Soooo in other random news, I recently discovered that I have a rat in my kitchen!


I told my landlady about it and she told me to poison it, I asked her if she had any poison and then told her I would buy some later. Then right after I had gotten out of the shower, I heard her calling my name. I peeked out my door and was kind of like…

what is happening

She was then like…

come here 2

She had some rat poison and wanted to show me where to put it… I was like…


and showed her that I was only wearing a towel… To which she was like…

don't even care

After much back and forth I finally just went with her to see where to put the poison. Of course as soon as we walked in the kitchen the rat ran across the floor and we were both like…

scared 1

She then grabbed a broom and hit it and made it run across the room again and then we were like…


After the whole affair I was pretty much like…

the lord is testing me

In the end, we just left the poison and shut the door behind us and I learned that you should never try to poison a rat naked.

Well that’s all I have for now! Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace out!


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