The Colombian Experience!

Hello Everyone!

The last time I left you, the schools in Celica were about to go on their summer breaks and I was about to go take a trip to Colombia! I had successfully set up a Red Cross youth group with my counterpart and I was feeling like…

happy dance

But as I had expected, once I left for vacation and summer break started everything was like…


To which I was like…

I told you so

Apparently they haven’t had any meetings since I was gone and we’re going to just try to pick it back up in May once school has started and everyone is back from traveling!

But enough about that! I’m sure you’re more interested in hearing about my trip to Colombia! Well, one of my friends came down from the States and we got to travel to Bogota and Cartagena! We were able to do a lot of sightseeing and touristy things which I learned I am not very good at! Most of the time I’m pretty much like…

I want to do nothing

I am definitely more of a fan of exploring the culture and seeing daily life, I am also apparently a huge fan of beaches and guinea pig races!

woo hoo

During our time there, we stayed in hostels with backpackers from around the world. I must admit I am used to traveling with other volunteers and after talking and hanging out with some of them I was pretty much like…

amateur hour

While I did enjoy seeing this side of traveling, I definitely think I prefer to travel with more experienced travelers.  Fortunately we did end up running into some which was definitely a breath of fresh air and made me feel like…

bare necessities

It would take forever to tell you EVERYTHING we did so some of the highlights of our trip included, taking a cable car to Montserrat to see a beautiful view of Bogota, the Botero museum, cuy races, accidentally going to the biggest gay bar in Colombia, playa blanca, riding in a speed boat on the ocean, street food, performance art and making Colombian friends. After looking back at everything I’m kinda shocked at how much we got to do!

i can have it all

Some of the less than enjoyable experiences but memorable ones were, getting told to leave a neighborhood, someone in our group getting pick pocketed, witnessing a bribe, unwanted massages, interesting chat sessions and getting lost on the bus! All in all those experiences kinda made me feel like…


In the end, this trip definitely made me appreciate Ecuador a little more and made me a bit more excited to move to Quito to see what my life will be like there. The possibility of actually having friends is kind of amazing to me since all of my friends in Celica are in elementary school and my social life pretty much consists of this…


Speaking of my Celica friends! Once I arrived back in Celica, I immediately got started with vacation classes with my kids group! I currently have around 15 kids participating which isn’t shocking since most families travel during vacations and it’s also rainy season so apparently parents don’t send their kids out when it’s raining…


I’m still excited with the turnout though and I really enjoy working with the kids, plus I have other volunteers coming to help me with the classes so I get to have company which makes me all like…

excited goat

I still have 2 more weeks of classes and several visitors coming to help so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Well that’s all I have for now! Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace out!


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