The End is Nigh!

Hello Everyone!

Well since I’ve been back in site not too much has happened.

Shortly after arriving, I found out that the closest volunteer to me had to return back to the States for medical reasons. This made me feel like…

troy emotions

But I was able to see her before she left and say goodbye. Plus I know I’ll see her either back in the States or here so after saying goodbye I was pretty much like…

you get out of here

Once I was back in Celica I tried to start teaching at the schools again but our schedules didn’t work out. Instead I decided to just tell the kids that they could come to my kid’s club activities if they wanted. When I told the kids I was leaving at the end of July, they were mostly just like…


Which I thought was hilarious and definitely made it much easier to share the news.

So I started my kid’s club again and my regular kids are still attending which makes my heart feel like…


I told them that we’re going to have a 4th of July party at the end of the month and that will also be my going away party. They were a lot more upset to hear that I was leaving but they understood and were excited about having one last party.

I was also originally going to hold kid’s club once a week since I will be leaving soon but the kids begged me to have activities twice a week so I was just like…

ill allow it

Since there’s only a little time left I figured I should give the kids what they want. Also since I’m leaving soon whenever they act like this…


I’m just like…


During this last month I was also able to go up to Quito to meet the new trainees and do a couple training activities with them! It was great to get to know the newest group that I will be supporting throughout their service. I also got to hang out with other current volunteers while I was there and all in all the entire experience made me feel like…

dance party

After the training activities in Quito I went all the way back to Loja for my friend’s wedding!!!! After traveling for over 14 hours, I arrived and then was told that we were immediately going out to a club! So I went to the club in my traveling clothes and everyone I was with was like…


And I was just like…


I still had a blast though and woke up the next day, ready to go to the wedding and dance some more!

The wedding was so beautiful and I was so happy that a lot of current and former volunteers were there! We had a blast celebrating our friend’s marriage! The reception had a “vaca loca”, photo booth, open bar and a pool which the bride, groom and several volunteers ended up in by the end of the night. All in all we were pretty much like…

freak out

Definitely an amazing wedding! So much fun!

So now I’m back in Celica and next week I will be traveling again for cluster meetings and support groups! This last month and a half is going to be busy!

Well that’s all I have for now! Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace out!


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