Viviendo el Sueño!!!

Hello Everyone!

Life in Quito so far has pretty much been like…


Shortly after the last time I wrote, my roommate (and fellow Volunteer Leader) came back from his visit to the States and a conference in El Salvador. When we FINALLY started living together we were pretty much like…


I am so happy to be living with him and I’m excited about all of the adventures we’re going to have over the next year! I’m really hoping this happens soon…


… It’s only a matter of time.

As far as work is concerned, I’m really loving being a Volunteer Leader. So far I have been able to visit several volunteers and help some of them get apartments approved so they can live on their own. I also had my first cluster meeting which made me feel like…

freak out

But was a great chance to meet all of the volunteers I’ll be supporting over my next year here!

Over the last month I also had a change in counterparts. I was originally working with the Red Cross, but after further evaluation I realized that unfortunately, I would not be working directly with youth and families which made me feel like…

sad michael

So after helping them with a substance abuse prevention manual I talked to my Program Manager and we agreed that it would probably be best to find a new counterpart that fits my interests.

Unfortunately, finding a new counterpart is HARD! I spent several weeks looking online and just being like…


But fortunately for me, a new volunteer knew of an organization that works with at risk children and families and he was like…

do this thing

After going to meet with them a couple times, I was worried that it wasn’t going to work out because of all of the paperwork we were going to have to do and I was feeling like…

now what

But my Program Manager called them and they were so excited to work with me that they said I could go ahead and start working before the paperwork is finished! After receiving that news I was pretty much like…


So now I will be working with a local government organization called Casa de la Niñez #1, I’m starting in a few weeks so I’ll give you more details on what I’m doing there next month.

This last month a few of my volunteer friends and I celebrated Halloween in Quito! The Independence Day of Cuenca was right around the same time so we also had a 4 day weekend!

woot fist pump

I dressed as Frida Khalo which surprising to me, most people didn’t recognize…

frida brows

We went out to the clubs and my friend told me that I became a “whirlwind of dance” which I’m pretty sure means I looked like this…

happy dance

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the rest of the weekend hanging out with a fellow Volunteer Leader and all of the volunteers that passed through Quito for the holidays!

After Halloween I was asked to attend another cluster meeting and present information about the Monitoring and Evaluation workshop I attended back in September. This cluster meeting was on the coast and I was very excited to see the beach again. Unfortunately, it’s rainy season for the coast so it was overcast and windy…

realizations tantrum

But I really enjoyed seeing my coastal volunteer friends and getting to hang out, dance and get to know other volunteers even better! All in all I was pretty much like…


Next week is the Reconnect training for the newest Omnibus and as a Volunteer Leader I will be helping out the entire time with training and support. I am excited to see the new volunteers again and see how everything is in their sites! I’m also happy to be involved in several training sessions so I pretty much feel like…


After Reconnect, it’s Thanksgiving and the fiestas of Quito so I’m sure I will have A LOT to share with you next time I write!

Time sure is flying by and I’m LOVING living in Quito, overall I pretty much feel like…

I deserve this

Life is good.

Well that’s all I have for now! Hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace out!


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