When it Rains, it Pours…

Hello Everyone!

Well as much as I had wanted to continue writing in my blog around once a month, the universe is conspiring against me and I have found myself with no time.


As the title of this post suggests, yes, more has happened since the last time I wrote and a lot of it hasn’t been good.

I continued working on my Substance Abuse Prevention classes with my group of kiddos at work and I also started a youth group with my coworker for the HIV prevention through soccer program.

I was very excited with how everything was going, I also adopted my kitten, Pippin! All in all I was feeling like…


Then I received the news that my cousin had passed away suddenly from a heart attack. When I found out I felt like…


And I immediately bought a ticket back to the States to be home with my family.

It was very difficult but I’m glad I went back so that I could support my family as much as possible. I also was glad I went back so I could grieve with everyone instead of being abroad. It’s still unbelievable and my family is all still processing everything so please keep them in your hearts and minds.

While I was home, my landlady found out that I have a kitten (I forgot to tell her previously) and the then declared that she hates cats/has a phobia of cats/is allergic to cats so insisted that my roommate and I either get rid of him or move. To which we were like…

bye felicia

So immediately upon my return from the States, I had to look for a new apartment. My roommate and I took this opportunity to look for our own separate apartments since when we first moved to Quito it was not an option because we didn’t know Quito very well.

Fortunately, through a friend, I was able to find a great apartment within my Peace Corps budget. I also was able to move into my new apartment with the help of my coworker and his nephew. I am extremely grateful for his friendship and seriously couldn’t have done it without him…

thank you

So needless to say, everything has been pretty stressful these past couple months. The kids are on vacation right now so all of my projects have been put on hold for vacation camp at work. I am enjoying the field trips with the kids and my coworkers but I’m feeling a little discouraged since I haven’t been able to follow anything through. Work wise I’m kind of feeling like…


Fortunately, for my mental health, I did get a visitor this month! My friend came down and while she was here we got to do some sightseeing in Quito and she joined me for a hike to Quilotoa, a crater lake in a dormant volcano. The hike took us through farmlands and indigenous villages tucked away in the mountains. The views were breathtaking!!! The entire time we were pretty much like…


However the hiking was way more difficult than we originally thought and at the end of the day we were like…


While it was definitely a challenge, it was definitely worth it. I am so glad that my friend was there to do it with me and that we got to have that adventure together. We are definitely like…

sam and frodo

Those are some memories that will last a lifetime and that visit made me feel like…


So now I am in my new apartment, with Pippin, and I am preparing myself for another visit! My friend and my cousin are planning on coming to visit in August! We are going to go to the coast for some relaxation and then do some sightseeing in Quito!

While I feel bad about taking vacation after so recently being in the States, I am definitely pumped about them being here with me and getting to show them around Ecuador! We’re going to be like…

beach spud

Hopefully after this trip, I’ll be able to start planning my projects for the new school year that starts in September. We will also be having the Substance Abuse Prevention training that I’ve been working so hard on and I am hoping to expand my projects at my work and with Peace Corps. If all goes to plan I’ll also be attending a training on Women’s Empowerment so…

feminist rants]

While this year has been very difficult, I still remain optimistic that things will all work out.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep you posted as much as the universe allows.

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope everything is great in your part of the world!

Peace out!


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