This is my current address at site:


Av. Granda Centeno Oe4-250 y Baron de Carondelet

Quito, Ecuador

P.O. Box: 17-08-8624

They said to not send anything over 4lbs and to mark the worth of the package as $0 to avoid any fees… They also recommended using padded envelopes…


8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Greetings Courtney
    I am a RPCV (Philippines 2007-09) who is considering a holiday in Ecuador this winter. I find that my travel is much more fulfilling when I combine it with volunteering. So after a week or 2 touring I am thinking of spending a month, maybe a bit longer, volunteering somewhere. Was wondering if you could suggest a loaus and/or organization that might have a project they’d like me to work on.

    So what might I be useful for? Gawd knows… Philippines I was in coastal resource mngt/fisheries in a municipal agriculture office. Did trainings in participatory assessment, etc. Really did not feel any of those projects were actually sustainable. Did also partner with a teacher & have some very nice lesson plans on tropical ecosystems. Can’t imagine they would be of interest in Ecuador. LOL

    We did build a library, created a modification of Dewey that they could learn to manage, trained teachers & volunteers. Do they have public libraries in Ecuador? This was our first…

    Since then I have gotten an ESL certification. Spent 3 months living in the orphanage & teaching English to young adults in a huge Buddhist monastery school & a small Muslim NGO in Mandalay, Myanmar. Also started a monthly school newsletter with the pre-college class. This was exciting 4 months after the government lifted censorship! Also taught a 3 day workshop on project planning & proposal writing to about 30 head monks from all over the region.

    I am have worked on post-earthquake response/demolision but took a fall & ended up with a broken rib……am better at construction, I think……

    Am interested in women’s projects, family & maternal/reproductive health, girls empowerment. Have done lots of project management, logistics, computer support, data processing, boat operations, even drive a fork lift, scuba dive & am a good sailor. Am kind of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none.

    I can take instruction, even if it is not the way I would do it, have often found it is better to go along & maybe learn something. Do you think there is anything useful I could do in your country.

    Hope you now have all your plans running smoothly. Have enjoyed your creative blog but would love to see some local pics.

    • Hey Marga, If you want to send me your email address or something I can try and get you in contact with other volunteers that might want some help or know an organization that needs some help! Just let me know!

  2. so sorry—meant to include email, duh, my bad. I thought it got auto attached asit asked for it to subscribe to the blog….strange system as this reply came to my email. ??? here it is:

    • Wow! That’s exciting! I’m sure I’ll meet you during your training. Since I’m in Quito, they ask me to help out when I can! 🙂 Good luck with your transition here!

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